Empathetic, Battle-Scarred, Knowing, Encouraging, Authentic

Simplify complex data toolchains, environments, and teams. Get back to doing what you love, so your customers will love what you do.






We envision a world where data professionals and their teams are routinely celebrated as high-performing contributors in their organizations because they successfully deliver innovative, high quality, on-demand insight that drives strategic decision-making. (Sofia Pro)

To provide the software, service, and knowledge that enables every data analytics team to overcome frustrations to successfully implement DataOps. (Merriweather)

DataKitchen clients use the platform to turn complex sets of people and technologies across multiple environments into a streamlined process that delivers fast, error-free data.

We want our clients to wake up every day feeling confident and enthusiastic about their work.

We grow the role, value and respect of today’s data professionals within their organizations by solving the poor data quality and delivery issues that hold them back.